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The Beautiful Nightmare


It’s been three days since Rob left to return to London , and I have not heard from him since. He promised to call but he hasn’t, I am beginning to think I dreamed the whole thing. The morning after he left I was attached to my phone, waiting for anything from him. Anytime it rang I fumbled it in my hands only to realize it was not him. Work dragged on for what seemed hours. When I first got into the office Diane was in my chair waiting for me. She looked very un-happy but she was pleasant at the least. "Good morning, Marissa" she said as she got up from my chair and walked over to the chairs meant for guest. I didn’t even smile at her and just sat down. "How are you feeling today?" she asked me. I kept my eyes down as I started the computer and asked her to get me coffee. She nodded and went to get it. I looked at my phone again and I had not missed anything. I felt like crying but Diane would be coming back soon so I held it in. When She came back she sat down again handed me my cup of coffee and said "Okay Marissa, spill. You look like shit and you were rude yesterday." I looked at her finally and saw her concerned face. She has bleached blond hair, tied up in a bun. Her green blouse matched her eye shadow. Her high cheek bones were enhanced by red blush and lips were glossed by her favorite cherry flavored lips gloss. "There is nothing to tell Diane, I spent the last two nights with a guy, now he is gone and that’s it. Let’s get to work." I said to her. She stared back at me and said "Then why have you been crying? Why won’t you tell me who you been seeing? It’s not Omar again is it?" I shook my head and leaned back against my leather desk chair. I sighed and said to Diane "No it wasn’t Omar, why would you think that?" She glared at me and didn’t say anything. "Look I am sorry for how I talked to you but I really don’t feel like talking about it. Let’s just get ready for the meeting, is Michelle here yet?" I said to Diane. "Boss lady is here" she responded as she got up. "Well the clients will be here at 11am I will get the conference room set up with water and stuff" she said as she stalked out. She was angry the entire day, and it was my fault, for being the way I was.

After I got home, I sat on the computer for hours looking for some kind of news of what he was doing. There were only a few pictures of him shopping with his sisters and hanging out with a couple of guy friends. I again went to bed that night crying like I lost someone important in my life. My heart feels like someone took it and hit it with a baseball bat then stabbed it with a thousand knives. I know it’s stupid to feel this way but there isn’t anything I can do other than move on. I had a fantasy come to life it should be enough…shouldn’t it be? 

The next day was no better. My boss sent home for not looking professional. I didn’t even, I knew I was a mess, so I took the opportunity and went home. When I got there I noticed someone sitting on the top of the steps and as I got closer I noticed who it was.  My best friend Jane, who I have been avoiding since the day Rob left me. "I called your work and they said you went home, where you have been?”  I started up the stairs and responded "I have been avoiding everyone, I’m sorry but you didn’t have to come." I really was hoping to just be alone and cry but now that was put on hold. "Well what was I going to do? You weren’t answering my calls or text messages, I was worried" she said. We walked to my door and I let her in. My apartment was a mess, since Rob left I haven’t had the strength to clean or do anything. There were magazines on the table scattered and plates and cups on top of them.
  There were blankets, socks and pillows on the floor. I haven’t slept in my bed in two days. I felt that it was too much a reminder of him. The couch was covered in chip bags, beer bottles, soda cans, and tons of tissue and napkins. "I have been busy" I said to Jane. She stopped in the middle of the small living room and looked at the mess that was before her. "What is going on with you Marissa? Why is this place a mess?" she asked. I went straight to the kitchen to grab a beer but when I opened the refrigerator there wasn’t any left. I would have to go the market and get some more. I slammed the refrigerator door hard and said "Nothing Jane. I haven’t had the time to clean I have been busy ok?" I walked back into the front room and found her folding the blankets. I looked at her and started to get annoyed. "Something is very wrong, you look like you came back from hell" she said. I walked up to her and snatched the blanket from her hands and I started yelling at het "I CAN CLEAN MY OWN DAMN SHIT, WHY ARE YOU HERE? TO LECTURE ME ON HOW I LIVE?" She stared at me as I stomped to the hallway. "IF YOU’RE HERE TO JUST GIVE ME SHIT JANE, PLEASE FUCKING LEAVE BECAUSE I DON’T NEED TO HEAR IT!" I continued yelling as I walked down the hall to my bed room. I stopped in front of the door and put my hand on the handle. She walked towards me watching as I stood there not moving. She was silent for a long moment. Sensing something was wrong. I dropped the blankets on the floor and ran towards the bathroom "I can’t go in there" I said. I slammed the bathroom door behind me and sat on the floor holding my knees crying. Jane knocked on the door "Marissa? Are you ok?" she asked me. I didn’t say anything.  Visions of Rob's face ran through my head of the night he was here. How he kissed me so sweetly and gently. Like I could break if he touched me wrong.  His hand running up and down my body. His hair between my fingers. I can still feel his breath on my neck. How he held me tight to his body and the feeling of being safe there. I snapped out of it when Jane knocked again.

I got up on my feet and looked in the mirror. My eyes were red and puffy. Since I didn’t wear makeup today I looked plain, my skin tone uneven. My Hair was pulled into a pony tail, sticking out in all directions. Jane was right I looked like I have been to hell and back. I turned the faucet on and washed my face. I threw some water on my hair and retied it in a ponytail. Once I figured it was no use I pulled myself together to walk out, I opened the door and Jane was standing in front of the door. I stared at her for a moment then grabbed her shoulders and hugged her. She didn't say anything, she just hugged me back. This is the number one reason she is my very best friend. I never had to say anything or explain one single detail if I needed her. She held my shoulders under her arms as she led me to the bedroom. Once she had the door open I closed my eyes. It was too hard for me to look at the bed. I cried harder and told her I needed to get out of the room. She soothed me with a single "shhhh" and pulled the covers down. "You need to sleep Marissa; it looks like you have not slept in days”. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. I starred at the bed before me and fell on top of it shoving my face into the pillow he laid on last. It no longer smelled like him, which brought on another wave of sobs. She covered me with the blanket and walked around the bed and lay next to me rubbing my back.  I mumbled in my pillow "He hasn't called me or anything and it hurts." "What did you say?" she asked me. I turned on my back took in a few breaths and repeated "He hasn't called or anything and it hurts." "Where did he go?" she asked me. I looked away from her eyes toward the ceiling and tried to hold the tears but that was no use, they spilled from the side of my eyes into my ears. I used the blanket and wiped my face. " England , so he says. To visit family. He said he was going to come back in two weeks and spend more time with me. He promised he was going to call when he landed, I didn't even get a text!" I explained. She watched me as I held my breath to keep the sobs from coming back. "Marissa, you only spent three nights with the guy, your acting like you’re in love, and been together for a long time." She said to me. I looked at her then pulled the covers over my head and began to cry again. She didn't press it any further. She just laid there for comfort as I cried myself to sleep. 

When I opened my eyes it was dark. I looked around and noticed I was in my room. I was going to start crying again as I started to sit up when I heard a male voice say "Where are you going?" I screamed and jumped out of the bed. I turned the light on and to my surprise it was Rob. I looked down and I was completely nude. I stared at him for a long moment as he was startled by me reaction. "Rob?" I said. He looked me confused then said "Yes?" I slowly sat back on the bed covering myself with the covers. I looked at him as I tried to understand what is happening. I put my hand to his cheek and he held it there with his right hand. "What’s wrong? Are you okay?" He asked as he looked at me like I was crazy. I giggled and pushed him back down on his back. I curled up on his chest as he ran his hands through my hair. "I'm ok, I had a bad dream" I responded. "You want to tell me about it?" he asked. I shook my head no and said "No, it might scare you away."
He laughed silently as I felt his chest shaking under me. I dug my head in his chest hiding under my hands. I was so relieved he never left me. He was truly here lying next to me. "I don't scare easy babe." he said. "It's not that kind of scary dream. It's about you." I said. He took that in and said "Tell me, I want to know." I put my thoughts in order and sighed loudly. "You left me, and didn't hear from you in any way and I got really depressed. I mean scary depressed" I said. "Well I have to leave in a few hours still, are you going to be that depressed if and when I do really leave?" he asked me. I shrugged. I looked up to see his eyes they were a beautiful, deep blue. I stared into them and said "I know you have to leave, Rob. But...I never imagined spending time like this with you. These last few days have been the most wonderful days of my entire life. I can't even begin to tell you how much it all means to me. This is not only the fantasy I have dreamed of. It's like something more, something that is worth so much more. I can't explain it, and even I don't understand what I feel." He starred at me with a straight face and my heart began to race. He placed both hands at the sides of my face. He slowly came close and gently kissed my lips. Then suddenly he crushed his lips into mine. Kissing me hard, and fast. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he laid me on my back. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his tongue probed my mouth. My hands going from his shoulders to his neck then in his hair. He then took my hands and held them against the bed. He kissed my lips then my neck from ear to ear. His body rubbing against mine, I felt a surge of energy coursing thru my body. I can feel his cock getting bigger and I was already getting wet. He kissed to the middle of my neck and up my chin to my lips. I held my eyes tight thanking God for giving me Rob back.  I still wasn't sure what was real. I couldn't think of it now, I moaned a little as he bit my lips hard. He let go of my hands and placed them on my thighs as he slid his cock in my hole. I didn't hold back I let out the loudest moan I ever had. He also started to moan. I began to shiver in ecstasy. I tangled my hands in his hair and never stopped looking in his eyes. I never felt this close to anyone before. It was like a beautiful dream. I gave my heart to this man in that very moment as he continues to slide in and out of me. He kissed me softly from my lips to my neck and down my shoulders. He grabbed my left arm as he kissed his way down to my hand. He twined his fingers in mine and held it. He started to go a little faster as the climax was coming. I squeezed tight on his cock and he moaned in my ear. He watched my eyes as he said "I'm ready, are you?" I nodded and smiled as we both fought hard to keep our eyes open. As the climax was reaching the high point I moaned loudly and sat straight up.

I looked around me and realized it was dark again in the room. I calmed my breathing as I got up from the bed and turned on the lamp that was on the desk next to my bed. I looked at the bed and there was a white folded piece of paper. I looked at myself and I wore the same clothes I did for work in my dreams. Black slacks with a White blouse. I sat back, confused at what was going on. I grabbed the note and began to read it.



I am sorry I had to leave you like this. I will be back in the morning I promise. I called your boss and told her that you won't be coming in the next few days. I will explain later. Just try to sleep more, if you can't call me.





Tears streaming from my face and breathing unevenly as I started to realize something. I stared at the letter not reading it as I whispered to my self “It was a dream…”


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